Friday, June 12, 2009

Anyway, here I am bouncing around in time.....

So at some point, I had gotten in contact with an Internet startup company. As someone who's naturally cynical, I'd learned how to sniff out scams pretty well. Just googling " company name sucks" will generally be a pretty good indicator of whether you have stepped into a legitimate opportunity or a Nigerian scam.

What was unique is that for this company, I couldn't find anything. Usually I can unearth a couple nuggets about even the smallest firm, but I was coming up empty. All I could find was an LLC registration in my state's business directory, and an address. I used Google Satellite Maps to zoom in on the address and found that it was somebody's house!

When I interviewed with the head mistress in charge, I was armed with more questions than John Stossel interviewing a banking CEO. And to be fair, my prospective boss had great answers for all of my questions. Nothing was evasive, nothing was fuzzy or non-committal. They weren't always what I wanted to hear, but I was very impressed. In addition, the business plan for this company seemed extremely sound. Without divulging propietary details, it really seemed like this was a great idea from a business standpoint.

So I left my previous employer of seven years. I was asked "don't you think this is a little risky?" Of course, I knew this was a risky venture. I researched working for startup companies. I explored the business model looking for any cracks or weaknesses. And to my previous employers point, it was still a life. But, what in life isn't? I explained that fortunately, I was in a point in my life where downside to career risk was thankfully somewhat limited, and to reach the level of success that I believe my abilities merited, I was going to have to stick out the bare flesh of my neck on a calcuated assumption that the guillotine wouldn't drop.

In preparation for my new role in Internet marketing and advertising, I devoured books. I read by my count about eight books (my favorite and what I believe the most helpful included Keith Rosen's Idiot's Guide to Cold Calling) and took diligent notes. I completely overhauled my office as I would be working from home to ensure that I would be working in a professional environment. I developed a schedule and method of time management that would guarantee that I would remain productive and profitable.

When we got together for our first meeting, I met with my new boss and fellow sales associate. We spent a couple days putting together the business plan. We solicited and gave feedback. I couldn't have been more excited. I spent eight hours with the company's software tutorials to ensure that I would have the same mastery of my computer system that contributed to the success in my previous job.

I researched the leads that I felt would be ideal candidates for our services from a variety of sources. I practiced out loud my sales presentation, even making a mock presentation to my girlfriend. During our final pre-launch meeting, I role-played with my co-workers and dazzled them with my prepared sales pitch. This was going to be great, and I was ready to take the next step in my life.

So what happened?

To be continued.

Day Two Time Account:
1/2 hour lifting weights
1 hour biking
1 hour researching business directories

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