Thursday, July 2, 2009

The wisdom of dwarves

Few miners pick up a pick axe and find a diamond right away. They usually have to have a mine. If they don't have a mine, they have to start excavating. If all the diamonds were six inches beneath the ground, DeBeers might find the preciousness of its products somewhat compromised.

That said, I had been a little frustrated. I had thought this introspection thing was going to take a couple days. After all, most career books said pick a field and roll with it. As it turns out, responsible career decisions require careful consideration and can't always be made in emotional aftermath of being laid off and in the first forty eight hours.

I had struggled with all of the conflicting advice I had received. I didn't know whether up was down or down was up. The only thing I could get anybody to agree on were vague generalities. Well, finally, things were starting to come together. I suppose it was somewhat reasonable to assume that having never job searched in seven years, eventually my analytical skills could suss out a path that works for me.

I got the e-mail for my first job interview today!

In the industry I'm researching (which I'm going to try and keep hidden until the interview passes) I researched about eighty companies in the Twin Cities. One particular company had a position that seemed to be a good fit not only for my abilities but for someone looking to switch industries.

But to make it a little more personal, I e-mailed the company last night asking for the name of the person who would be reviewing my application for the purpose of customizing my cover letter with an understanding if this may not be acommodable. The next morning I had response. I quickly tailored a resume and cover letter. I followed up with an e-mail thanking him for his quick reply, and I reiterated I was confident of my qualifications and was hopeful for consideration.

Within an hour, I had an e-mail requesting na interview for Monday.

Don't get me wrong, I'm now at the next stage of the game. I need to make sure I'm at my Sunday best, but that's something I'm a little more confident about. Years of salesmanship has cultivated a positive, enthusiastic personality in a professional environment. Nevertheless, I can't let up. I will be taking my research of the company from basic to detailed, and I will rehearse basic interviewing questions with the girlfriend.

Even if this doesn't work out for whatever reason, I'm getting a better handle on how to approach this process. I'm getting a handle on the processes needed to conduct this job search effectively, and am feeling a little more confident about the process (even though yesterday was a little tough morale wise.)

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my career counselor, and hopefully, a meeting with a family member who works in the industry I am pursuing. Over the weekend, I will be rehearsing interview questions and getting that brand new suit ironed. Wish me luck!

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